OBAMA TO THE RESCUE! OBAMA TO THE RESCUE! http://www.drudger 租屋網eport.com/ Those so called "RESCUE!" must bite OBAMA to go to the deepest hells li 租房子ke Bush junior (Bush junior's crime is he did not fire Condi Rice and all female dressed animals hired by 禮服 him after I pointed those crime of lies to him, he did not pay for his sold out crime, because I did not see this point at that tim 會場佈置e. Like Chinese said "Boot.Zhi.Jer.Boot.Jway", you committed the crime unknowingly, you only need to pay your time to learn the lesson; you committed the 票貼 crime after someone told you that it's a crime, you occupy public office desk, you dare committed eyeless earless crime plus commit sold out crime, you must have to multiply 租房子 your sentenced life to go to the deepest hells with no chance to see day light again. Therefore, 0PEC, you all must stop sold out your oil immediately, you have to use your oil to exchange other livin 售屋網g needed goods to fit free of charge like Chinese said "Yo.Lie.Yo.Won". You can have right to ask exchange, because oil is not eatable, wearable; other nation must have no right to ask exchange to you with their eatable wea 褐藻醣膠rable goods, because human form can live without oil. Therefore, it must be always you do the asking, others do the responding. ) did after 9.11.2001 in New York stock ashes ground zero crime scene. Your US president and all USA public&n 房屋貸款bsp;office must have no right to waste his free mind, his free time, his free life to side with any "Sold" .    .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 買屋  .
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